The Kingdom Conversation is made up of people from multiple continents who want to make reaching Muslims with the good news more accessible to the church as a whole.  As we have seen, the practice is not just for “professional” Christians but also for anyone who desires to see their Muslim friend embrace Jesus as the way into the kingdom of God.

We strive to make this material as simple and as Biblically accurate as possible and continue to sharpen how we can use this as we reach our own Muslim friends.  As we learn we will continue to provide updates.

You may also notice that we are providing this material, with the exception of The Kingdom Conversation manual, free of charge.  We believe that as we help provide for others the Lord will provide for us.  However, there will soon be a donation option within this website as more funds are needed to further produce more tools.


One thought on “WHO WE ARE

  1. Paul hi caught last ten minutes of broadcast w/ Phill Shagnin of New Life-fm Sat 6/11/16 triumphant indeed as you sound the alarm for hearts of true servants / slaves for Christ I will visit OMShips / Ops Mobilization usa.org approved missionary journey could be my cup of tea… Thx for sharing your exciting time of travel to far away lands of pop new guinea, Australia and tribe circles hidden in obscure places. All skills & good intentions welcome

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