(Or the Sign of Moses)

The Story:

The Lord spoke to Moses in a miraculous way and told him to go tell the Pharaoh in Egypt to let the people of Israel go. Moses obeyed but Pharaoh would not listen, so the Lord sent powerful plagues throughout Egypt to show he alone is God. In the final plague the Lord sent the angel of death to kill each firstborn son of every house, but he also provided a way of escape for the people of Israel. Each family would need to sacrifice a perfect lamb and place some of the blood over the door of their house. Then, when the angel of death comes and see’s the blood, he will pass over that house. That very night Pharaoh’s son died and he finally released the people of Israel.

The Meaning:

We already learned that God requires a sacrifice and that one day he will provide a great sacrifice in the form of a Lamb. Through Moses we learn that Israel was saved from the wrath of God by placing the blood of a lamb over their house. Moses could not take the blood of the lamb for the whole nation, and neither would his own blood be any good, but each family needed to individually decide if they were going to obey the Lord and place the blood over their home. It had to be the blood of a perfect lamb. Each families act of obedience was also an act of faith though which they would receive God’s mercy. Like the story of Noah, a great distinction was made that day between the believers and the unbelievers.

In the same way we learn that when God provides the great sacrifice it will come through the shedding of the blood of the Lamb. Just like for the believers in the days of Moses, we too must decide to apply the blood of the sacrifice over us.

Main Point:

The great sacrifice is coming in the form of a lamb, and each family needs to decide to accept God’s mercy by applying the blood of the sacrifice over their home.

Optional use of the Qur’an:

– When the Lord called Moses and showed him some miracles he also told Moses that he was going to show Pharaoh some “greater signs” (Ta Ha 20:23). The greater signs were the plagues that the Lord was going to unleash on Egypt. This included the last plague of the Bible referred to in the Qur’an as the “plague of blood” (The Heights 7:133).


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